On the summer of 2017, I worked on an internship for a company based in Weston, Fl. The company had no User Experience Department, and they had never used it in their projects before, so I was able to craft the internship into what I wanted it to be. I took the lessons that I learned on General Assembly, and I applied them to this company. The company had two parts: the website and the phone application. 

Heuristics Evaluation 

The pressXpress website was a well designed website, yet it still had some areas of improvement. Using the 10 Nielsen heuristics, I was able to compile a document that sought to bring to light the different areas in which the website could improve. The document bellow is the heuristics evaluation of the website that I gave my supervisors. They implemented the recomendations that I gave them, and was successful in showing them importance of having good usability in their website. 

Usability Testing

I was able to perform usability testing for the PressXpress application, and found a few mistakes with the flow. There were issues with how to cancel an order, as the customer needed to call the company to cancel an order. This was changed, so that the new application has a "cancel order" button. The prices of the items in the application were very well described, but they were very general since every shirt was priced the same. Now, the prices of the laundry items are broken down in several categories, so now the customers see more variation in the prices. This was done so that different materials can be priced differently, to allow the price of washing cheaper materials fall, while the price of more expensive material reflect the true cost of washing it. The customers also know what their final price will be before they order the service, instead of waiting until pressXpress picks up their order to know how much they are paying, which was  feedback provided by a user, given their experience with other laundry and dry cleaning apps.  

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