Maria Fernanda Garcia

User Experience Designer 

I’m a senior at Barnard College, studying Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. I'm currently the Head of UX at New Land Entertainment, but I'm looking to work somewhere else after I graduate. I'm relatively new in the field, having started just last year, but I have big plans for my career. I want to go to graduate school for HCI, because I believe that there needs to be more research done in the way we interact with technology. I have experience in most areas of UX, but my strengths lie in User Research, Prototyping, Usability Testing and Heuristics Evaluation. 

Through my work, I have been able to garner experience in several topics of UX. With my project, Gnarly, I learned to listen to the user in order to get to the real pain point of the experience. With my internship in PressXpress, I learned to how to craft the UX process for an internship. And in my experience with New Land, I have been able to gain experience in how to communicate with main decision makers of the company’s future, as I work closely with the founders.

I have an analytical mind that allows me to understand the psychology problems that underlie interactions between users and computers. I have studied first-hand the psychological principles that govern design, which is not something that many designers can say. I was able to solidify this knowledge through the Nielsen Norman certification, since it allowed me to confirm what psychological concepts are mostly used in UX.

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